Dr Fran Swainston is a homeopathic specialist based in Cape Town. After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Fran completed a full-time 3 year specialisation course at the College of Homeopathy, Regents Park, London, England. Fran has worked with Nelson's Homeopathic Pharmacy in London, England.

In the early 90's on returning to South Africa, homeopathy was not a branch of medicine as it is today because it was regarded by many scientists and doctors as an ineffective form of treatment. All that has changed now as more people are moving away from harsh toxic chemical medical treatments, and homeopathy has become an established branch of medicine in South Africa and throughout the world. Dr Fran Swainston established a free homeopathic clinic in Cape Town in the 90's, using the profits from the sales of a range of products she developed. The Natru Products were a great success and the clinic was a valuable service to the community, most of whom had not previously been treated homeopathically, as homeopathic consultations are expensive and, in those days, one could not claim for homeopathic treatment from medical aid.

Once the clinic was set up and running smoothly with a staff of 3 homeopathic doctors, Fran left for a trans-Africa research expedition. During the expedition she was able to treat people with tropical and rare diseases not usually seen in urban areas, and also emergency medical conditions which are usually treated in a hospital casualty ward, because hospitals and medical facilities are scarce in Africa. This invaluable experience enabled her to use homeopathy for illnesses which in the developed world would only be treated with chemical drugs. She experienced the true efficacy of homeopathy. It can work instantaneously if the correct remedy is given at the right time. Situations where the patient would take months or weeks to recover can shorten their recovery period considerably, and life threatening injuries can be rendered repairable.

After the trans-Africa expedition Fran spent some time in California, U.S.A., researching her book on obesity and its cure which was published on her return home to South Africa, and republished in 2014 - now available online. Her most recent book Homeopathy The Complete Manual  is also available at online bookstores.


Dr Fran Swainston is a pioneer of natural medicine in South Africa since 1991, and has been interviewed extensively on radio, television and in the print media. During her free time Fran enjoys cycling and taking long walks after work along Table Mountain with her family and Charlie, their beautiful collie. As well as consulting and teaching, Dr Fran Swainston is currently researching the relationship between food and health for her new book.


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